Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Courting, dating, going out, etc., what term(s) should i use?
I have issues with courting and dating, though i would use the terms "dating" or "going out with . . . " if i was in a relationship with someone.
"Dating" has a taboo among many Christians, especially conservative ones like myself, because many people have relations before marriage. That's not a practice i believe in, but society has gotten to the point where "dating" often means "sleeping with". Seeing as i don't have that ideal, and that i've never been in a relationship for that matter, that doesn't apply in my head. Since i've never been in a relationship, the terms are rather interchangeable to me, except "courting" . . . It stands apart. And not typically in an appealing way (i'll explain why). But if i were in a relationship, we'd probably be setting "dates" on the calendar for us to "go out", and that might mean from my house to hers, or from her house to mine, or even to go walk around town, in which case she or i would be "going out" to see the other on "dates" we've set.

The reason i would prefer those terms over "courting", despite taboo, is as follows:
Birds. Fish. Animals.
During mating season, animals strut, puff themselves up, boast about, parade around, show off, and so many other things that 1 Corinthians says Love isn't . . . In the mating season, when males are doing this, they are "courting" females. Often more than one at a time; as many as will have them. Not only that, but it's a temporary 'bluff', lasting only for a season. It's wooing the females into letting the males mate with them, then leave. Courting implies trying to win over the body and nothing more.
I'd never go out with more than one person, and never with someone i wasn't trying to win the heart of. Not only that, i would refuse to be boastful or prideful, or to show off--that's false advertising, especially seeing as i'm quite . . . Mild.

So no, i would not "court" a woman, but strive for her respect, do all i could to bring her honor, and try to elevate not myself in her eyes but rather herself in her own.

Basically, i'm putting personal taboos over society's taboos. I'm removed enough from society, it doesn't matter what society thinks anyways . . . Should we, the most conservative of Christians, let society's faults weigh in on what we term things, or should we go by our personal reasonings?
If we're to be in and not of the world, it shouldn't matter to us what they've lowered the standards of something like dating to; we're not them. We can still date without it being taboo because our personal convictions/standards are what we abide by, not society's.
So my personal reason is i don't want to call what i consider "dating" the same thing we call what animals do.

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  1. totally fantastic!!! i just adore you!! if the world would be as you God would be soooo happy!! You are so blessed, you are one of God's chosen to share with the world the true meaning of Love with one another, as wife and husband, and for other ways to Josh, your in my prayers to keep up sharing the love of Christ and how He means for us to live. i pray there are many more like you, you need to let more and more know, it is getting sooo close to Jesus coming , you are chosen Josh to help many many young, and older to come home to Jesus!!!! Love you much and always in our prayers.