Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just an update...

  I'm going to resume working on the robot-based short story soon. Not sure how many people actually read this, so could be just spittin' in the wind here, but nevertheless, I've gotta get that stupid thing finished. I've got a plan for another story and would like to at least get this'n out of the way before continuing with another. Have plans, too, for getting a story booted up--based on NaNoWriMo that a friend introduced me to, but at my own standards and at a time of my own choosing; ie. not in November(too busy of a month here), but maybe March or April, a time when everything is coming to life and the world itself seems to ebb with inspiration, imagination, life and hope.

  Also, been thinking about a major for college a lot. Need to discuss something with someone who already majored in what I want on majoring in(music, possibly composition or production), though it's being recommended that I go for English... Again, something to discuss with someone who has or is majoring in it. The reason I emphasize 'want', when referring to majoring in music, is because the career field for someone who's majored in music seems to be pretty slim pickings. Not that English would have more going for it, in regards to possible careers based on it, it's just that my interests are playing and writing music, as well as writing lyrics/poems(if they can be called 'poems' when lacking so many basic poetic devices) and stories.

  College is something I'm looking forward to, but am also scared senseless by it at the same time.

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