Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Center of The Universe?

I have decided that the center of the universe is wherever we want it to be. I can explain this position in further detail, but I ask you to keep an open mind and try not to label me some sort of lunatic before reading this entire hypothesis.

The universe is large. Vastly large. Any words I can use to describe its size are a severe understatement. To try and figure the center of it is pointless. We don't even know how big the universe is, since all that we can see on the intergalactic scale is only galaxies' whose light is strong enough to reach us and has reached us. Millions of lightyears away are other galaxies. Billions of lightyears away are MORE galaxies. Billions of lightyears beyond those are, likely, though we can't see them, yet even more galaxies. There's no way to see what is beyond that, since the light from it hasn't reached us yet, if it's even enough to be seen from such a distance. It spreads out, best anyone can tell, infinitely. Some will give theories as to why it's limited in size(though the boundaries are indeterminable), or growing(if it's growing, that would imply the universe is bigger than, well, the universe), but the simple fact is that the galaxy that we exist in is not even big enough to be consider one tiny piece of the universe.

Now, I'm going to do some serious hypothesizing here, but my only request is that you try to disprove these hypotheses before deciding they're ridiculous.

You are the center of the universe.
Before you say you aren't, prove that you aren't. Prove the Earth isn't actually orbiting you, the solar system orbiting that, the galaxy orbiting that, and the universe itself orbiting that.
With such a massive scale, it is impossible to find the center, therefore we can be free to each choose the center of the universe in our own perspective.

You are the center of the universe. What do you do now?

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