Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Going to try again . . .

I haven't updated this in ages, so it's probably a bit overdue, yeah?
Been kind of busy lately, I guess . . . Finished a couple short stories since I last posted, will post links once they're online. Going to try to keep this up a bit better, too. I'm going to need some rant space, and FB is not an option.

I started and finished a Scarecrow mask this evening. Took about a half-hour to get it scuffed up, sewn up, stitched up, scuffed up again, painted, and scuffed up some more. Also, it's got a draw-string in the back, so it's loose when it's first put on, then I can just reach behind me, grab the string, pull, and it's form-fitting.
Might try a Deadpool costume, too. That'd be easy and fun (red balaclava and black vinyl over the eyes).

I've no use for these, as I'm not geeky enough to go to Comic conventions, yet am geeky enough to want to make costumes.

Speaking of which, I'm going to put together my main character's costume from the story I'm currently working on. At present, his name is Michael, but I'm going to change that. It's a Steampunk-style story about a guy being hunted by, essentially, the entire underworld of the city/state. Black slacks, a white dress shirt with frilly sleeves, a gray vest, sometimes a trench coat over that, swat boots and suspenders. Not going to be too much to do, and most of that can be found on eBay for next to nothing.

Anyways . . . That's what's up lately.

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