Saturday, July 21, 2012


Been collecting junk to put together for my "Steampunk" outfit. I've got the gloves, the belt, a pocketwatch, various chains and straps, a gauntlet/wrist guard, boots, and an eyepiece (I wasn't expecting to get one of those, but it was on display for like $9, so I couldn't resist).
Working on getting better at sewing. I wanna try the sewing machine, but I'm not sure how to load the string, so I'm getting better at sewing by hand. I've got an old, worn, torn and half-faded pair of dark blue jeans that I'm going to cut up and use to accent stuff.
There's some stuff on ebay for not too much money that I want to get; vests, a suit jacket and some shirts that'd fit the 'future-Victorian' look I'm going for.

That's about all that's been going on lately . . . Mostly.

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