Saturday, January 26, 2013

Technology/Communication Issues . . .

I realized this after talking with a deacon from the local First Baptist church; technology is our downfall. I'm the biggest hypocrite for saying that, i know, since i almost need my mp3 player at work, can't leave my cell phone at the house, i spend much time on the computer, etc.

But i'm told technology brings us closer together. I mean, i can talk face-to-face with people on the opposite side of the world if i wanted (the desire has yet to arise, but it's possible). I can post my mood or thoughts for many of my friends and family to see instantly. We post "statuses", and anyone who is on our "friends list" can see it immediately. I've family in other states, and technology makes it much easier to connect with them and actually be family with them over the distance.
But there's an issue with all this blessing . . . A cancer that outweighs the good . . .
When we're close to everyone, we're intimate with no one. When everyone knows everything about you, what is left for your close friendships? When we give ourselves one small piece at a time to hundreds or thousands, what's left for those meant to be close to us?
We lose intimacy.
The closer we let strangers become, the more distant we force those we love to go
The more we communicate to everyone, the less we share with our true friends and our family.

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  1. hi Josh,,
    well put, but i like tech, for the reason of being able to share the Word of God to many many many mmore than if we didnt have it. i have friends overseas, and i just adore them, they are followers of Jesus Christ, our brother Alfie lives in Egypt, just one example, if ya look at me facebook you will find many there, but sharing the Word of God is my only reason for this want of tech. and you are doing good with it toooo ..we have enough love for everyone, as Jesus commands, love one another as i Love you Josh..