Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Trust . . .

My parents . . . Are perfect.
Now, they both have flaws, just as we all do. They don't always agree with me, nor i with them, but we never have any real 'spats'. We communicate openly; if they have a problem with something i'm doing, they talk to me about it and, vice-versa, i am encouraged to confront them if i find issue requiring attention regarding their behavior. They don't always act like i want them to, just as i don't always act like they want me to.
So it may seem hard to understand how, when they have flaws like everyone else does, i see them as perfect. That's the thing; they're perfect for me.
Some people living with their parents require restriction, others demand freedoms. Through them, i've a perfect blend of both for me.

But here's the thing . . . They trust me.
Children are, essentially, a fruit of one's works by faith. And i am the result of their parenting, example, leadership, etc., and they trust me to do what's right and to follow God in every decision.
I have a harder time trusting people who don't trust their grown children, and that's precisely why. If they don't trust the results of what they've done, they don't trust their own example, so how are they to be trusted? Sometimes, though, people are just unfortunate; they sometimes just have stubborn or rebellious offspring. I am genuinely sorry for them.
But i trust my parents because they trust me. They trust their faith, their work, their influence. And if they can, i can. If they couldn't trust me . . . How could i trust them?

As said before, my parents are perfect . . . For me.


  1. wow,,you always amaze me what you write and more and more each time,,awesome,,did mom and dad read this yet?? how proud they are of you i know and same with you to them, just like you wrote in lots better words,,hee. i love you alll so much, I thank Jesus so much for families like yours, how i pray people will be influenced by this,,keep up with it Josh,,,lol

  2. Thanks!!
    I don't know if they've read it or not. However, this was written more to remind myself of their trust for me than it was for them to read. =)