Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bliss: The Straight Jacket

What absolute desperation consists of is the worst of all things. Desperation in its barest, most ugly and hideous form is to exist without hope in any form. Many in society go about day-to-day lives unknowingly filled with desperation. The merciful, perhaps the merciless thing about such desperation, is few realize the hopelessness filling their lives. Endless redundancy truly is the worst of all things, in such that it entails total despair and a void where any trace of hope might exist. The beauty and horror of it, however, is, as the phrase goes, 'out of sight, out of mind'; as long as hopelessness is not the forefront of thoughts, it is not altogether troubling. Ignorance can be bliss, if only momentarily. When realized, sorrow envelops and clouds all aspects of existence, and becomes a monster manifested in the mind, which is an impenetrable stronghold. The only person with unabashed access to one's mind is oneself. The monster of the hopeless sorrow already grows within and cannot escape. Its claws like grapnel hooks, digging in deeper each time one attempts to try and pull them out. The only way to overcome it is to embrace it and let it have its way and hope to come out of it sane. But sanity is not necessarily a release, rather an indulgence or denial. Sanity is to exist in an apathetic way so as to not cause commotion in the outside world; much in the way a person in a padded cell, held tightly by a straight jacket, cannot cause commotion. To exist in observance and without contact, for to make contact, the depths of one's mind may be accessed and deemed insane or unstable in society. Sometimes, the most successful way to break or remain free of despair is to remain in the temporary, blissful ignorance or perhaps to hold to it until one has reached the edge of sanity and let it go free.

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