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Die-hard fans of the Halo franchise will know exactly who I mean when I reference John-117. People familiar with the games know him as "Master Chief". Those who are unfamiliar are missing out; to these people, he's the green robot from Halo.

This franchise, however, is a representation of the earliest historical texts known to man. The Bible.
I'm not saying this is a Christian game nor is it satanic, but it's far from secular.

The very title; "Halo" is derived from the ring-shaped worlds called "Halos". In this game, we know there are seven of them(Bungie, the development team behind the games, is fanatical about the number seven), one of which who's 'monitor', 343 Guilty Spark is blue whereas the other's monitor, 2401 Penitent Tangent, is red. It's never clarified the color of the other installations' monitors, but they very well could be imagined as orange, yellow, green, indigo and violet. The seven colors of the rainbow. And the rainbow being the promise to Noah that the Earth would not be destroyed by a flood again. Remember that.

The Covenant is a group of alien species that are trying to get the rings to activate, which would destroy all life in the known universe. The rings are a weapon against an alien life form called the Flood.
See what I'm getting at?
These rings were left by an ancient civilizations called The Forerunners, who were all but destroyed by the Flood. They ignited the rings as a means to eliminate the Flood, not by killing them but by starving them by means of eliminating their food sources, which is any life forms. These rings are a promise, of sorts, that the Flood will not destroy/absorb all life forms.
When the rings are activated, the only way for something to survive is by being on what is called "The Ark"...

Master Chief, or John-117, if you will, is called the "Reclaimer" by the installations' monitors. Humans, at one time in the Halo universe, coexisted with the Forerunners. John-117 is not necessarily foretold about in the series, but he is the way in which the Flood would be eliminated without having to fire the rings. He is, in a sense, the salvation of all life in the known universe.
He meets with the leader of the Flood, known as Gravemind, and Gravemind tries to 'tempt' John-117 into joining itself, but fails.
At the end of Halo 3, John-117 is put in cryogenic stasis. As he places himself in the chamber for stasis, he says "It's finished. Wake me when you need me".

If one is to read the 'terminals' in Halo 3, it is even mentioned that a Forerunner, called the "Librarian", finds a planet called Earth It was she that constructed the portal to the Ark, then buried it later.
She plants great garden, then names the garden "Eden" and puts humans there. After this, she resides on Mt. Kilimanjaro, overlooking the portal to the Ark, as well as Eden.

John-117 is the "Reclaimer". He saves them from the Flood in a way that wasn't possible before him. He did everything that the Covenant was there for, except he did it in a manner that allowed people to live.
He fulfilled everything that was supposed to happen according to the prior 'law', but in a redemptive way.
To put a little icing on the cake, if one were to look up John 1:17(John-117), they would find this: "For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ."

I just wanted to point some things out about the backstory to one of the most popular, successful video game franchises in history.

EDIT:  After playing through the first level and a half of Halo CE Anniversary, it is shown that each monitor is a color of the rainbow.

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