Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Yesterday becomes Tomorrow

I was sending a message to a friend of mine a few moments ago, and said "I know you won't read this until tomorrow," and that got me thinking... If I sent it today, and they receive tomorrow, then they wouldn't read it until today which is tomorrow from when it was sent.
That would mean that it was sent yesterday, to today, which is tomorrow... That could be said as it was sent yesterday, to tomorrow, today.
If they receive it tomorrow, they receive it today, so today becomes tomorrow. If it was sent today, it was sent tomorrow. However, today becomes yesterday, therefore, I sent it today, yesterday, to today, tomorrow.

Long story short, I sent a message today that won't be read until tomorrow. But if this isn't read until the day after tomorrow, then I sent this tomorrow to yesterday.


Goodnight, you wonderful people.

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